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Olney: Abreu NY bound?

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Ten questions for the second half

6) How desperate are the Phillies to change the culture of their club (and will they do whatever it takes to dump Bobby Abreu before the July 31 trade deadline)?

Abreu puts up numbers: a .447 on-base percentage and 32 extra-base hits this year. And some scouts who watch the Phillies think the team is doomed to inconsistency as long as Philadelphia counts on Abreu as a centerpiece player.

If the Phillies decide to unload Abreu and the $22 million still owed him on his contract, Abreu will steer the process because of his no-trade clause. In some respects, GM Pat Gillick is in the same situation he was in before he traded Ken Griffey Jr. to Cincinnati: He can either keep Abreu and delay a restructuring of the club's foundation or he can move Abreu to his team of choice, whether that's the Yankees or the Red Sox or the Tigers.

My educated guess is that the Phillies will move him and that he'll wind up with the Yankees.