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Midseason MVP

Last year at this time it was pretty clear that A-Rod would walk away with the team's MVP, his stats being far and away the best on the Yankees. This year, it's harder to determine. Most of the outfield is on the mend. So, is it Moose and his steady pitching anchoring an erratic and oft-injured staff? Is it Jason Giambi and his mammoth blasts? Maybe Mariano with another one of his solid years? So far, I believe it's been Derek Jeter. CNNSI'S Tom Verducci believes Jeter has been the LEAGUE'S MVP.

You want big hits? Guess who has more hits (16) and a better batting average (.364) in close-and-late situations than Thome, Dye and Ortiz? Yep, Jeter. Guess who has more hits with runners in scoring position (30)? Jeter, a .357 hitter in those spots, including .371 with two outs.

That's a tough call. The numbers support Verducci and I wouldn't argue with them. It's a tough call between him and Giambi for me. What do you all think?