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Yanks vs Mets: Game 78-Open Thread

Randy Johnson 9-6, 4.84 vs Steve Trachsel 6-4, 4.82
Starting Lineups

  • J. Damon, CF
  • D. Jeter, SS
  • J. Giambi, DH
  • A. Rodriguez, 3B
  • J. Posada, C
  • A. Phillips, 1B
  • M. Cabrera, LF
  • B. Crosby, RF
  • M. Cairo, 2B
  • J. Reyes, SS
  • P. Lo Duca, DH
  • C. Beltran, CF
  • D. Wright, 3B
  • J. Franco, 1B
  • X. Nady, RF
  • C. Woodward, 2B
  • R. Castro, C
  • E. Marrero, LF

Randy needs to go deep in this game after the Yanks used five pitchers yesterday,

If you don't live in the NY area, you can watch the game on It's not blocked out.