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The Catch 2006

Yankees have been blessed with the execution of certain exciting and pivotal plays throughout its history. From Ruth's called shot and Bucky effing Dent and Aaron effing Boone, Derek Jeter's "The Play" vs. Oakland, and Jeffrey Maier. This year we have "The Catch".

Melky Cabrera's run saving and potentially game saving catch against Manny and the Sox solidified him as a potential new star in Pinstripes, a contributor to this plucky team of walking wounded, aging stars, and inexperienced kids filling big shoes. His enthusiasm stood out in the usually uber-proffesional Yankees locker room.

"They were happy but they said they hoped I didn't get hurt banging into the wall," the 21-year-old Cabrera said. "The fact that it [the catch] was a game-saving play took it to another level. It's a tie game [if Cabrera doesn't make the catch] and who knows what would have happened? Manny is one of the great hitters in baseball and it was Boston. I'm happy I pulled it in."
We'll have to wait until this season's post-mortem to see if the catch was a turning point of any kind. Right now I'm content with having stuck a little dagger in the side of Ramirez and the coming out of Cabrera.

Update: Here's the best action photo I've found so far. Forgive the deletion of the other two. One is after the play, and a link to the other one exists within the thread.