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Yanks vs Boston: Game 55-Open Thread

Mike Mussina 7-1, 2.42  vs Josh Beckett 7-2, 4.46
Starting Lineups

  • J. Damon, CF
  • M. Cabrera, LF
  • J. Giambi, DH
  • A. Rodriguez, 3B
  • J. Posada, C
  • R. Cano, 2B
  • A. Phillips, 1B
  • B. Williams, RF
  • M. Cairo, SS
  • C. Crisp, CF
  • M. Loretta, 2B
  • D. Ortiz, DH
  • M. Ramirez, LF
  • T. Nixon, RF
  • K. Youkilis, 1B
  • M. Lowell, 3B
  • J. Varitek, C
  • A. Gonzalez, SS

No Jeter. We need a split. The crystal ball is silent on this series. The Yankees website really stinks for up to the minute news. There's no mention of Jeter for today's game, (I couldn't find any and that's why Sports Blogs will become very popular) but I've been watching the pregame and he's out and who knows how he'll feel tomorrow even if he plays.