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Sharing the Back Page

For most of the last decade, the Yankees have owned the back page of the New York newspapers. For those who don't know, all the big local papers are folded like a book, rather than sectioned. In the city there's no time or space to fold. The residency of big colorful back page was the bellwhether of which team captured the city's imagination. During the mid-eighties, the Mets were the caretakers of that valuable property and they seem to be reclaiming it this year. This weekend they both will share the spotlight as they wrestle for the city's baseball supremacy.

I'm glad both teams are top tier teams, and I like our chances against a battered and disheartened Mets squad. The Yanks have been in a bit of a funk of late and are struggling to keep up with the red hot Sox. But as we know, this is a pattern we've seen time and time again out of the AL East. We've got the edge in pitching matchups. El Duque's return has good news value, but may be more hype than substance especially with Moose on the mound.

I make no predictions and I am shocked that John didn't break out the crystal ball. Winning the series is something we should expect. I'd like to send the Mets plummeting to the earth a bit and the Bronx is the perfect place to do it.