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Cano Hurt

I couldn't watch last night's game because of the idiotic black out rules. I was spared the debauchery. To make matters worse, Cano is tweeked:

Cano exited the doubleheader nightcap with a strained left hamstring, adding another injury to the Yankees' standing-room-only trainer's room.

More troubling, the sophomore second baseman was heavily limping as he walked out of Yankee Stadium following last night's 5-0 second-game loss to Florida - a result that followed the Yanks' 2-1 win in the opener.

"I'm not feeling good about that, but I don't know anything until [today]," said Cano, who will be checked out again after resting overnight.

Said manager Joe Torre: "It's really tough to tell if it's one of those full-blown jobs or just a cramp or something."

I like Cairo a lot as a role player and as long as Cano isn't out a long period of time, he'll do fine. He's not afraid to play in New York which is 70% of the battle.