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Old-timers Day

I remember going when Joe D. and Mantle were showing up. It's great that Yogi, Whitey, and Hank Bauer are there, but it doesn't seem to have the same feel to me that it once did. Is it because I'm in my forties now? The players from the seventies dominate and I have a soft spot for the guys that made it to three straight world series from 76-78 and winning two. but who thinks of David Cone or Darryl Strawberry as old timers?

I'll watch some of it on YES later today and see if Murcer will get a hit. He's been "miked-up" the last couple that I've seen. Bobby was my idol when I first put on a little league uniform back in the day.

Update [2006-6-24 14:57:52 by Jamato]: So I'm watching the introductions and it's still pretty cool.