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Yanks vs Marlins: Game 71-Open Thread

Chien-Ming Wang 7-3, 4.07 vs Brian Moehler 5-5, 6.29

  • J. Damon, CF
  • D. Jeter, SS
  • J. Giambi, DH
  • A. Rodriguez, 3B
  • J. Posada, C
  • R. Cano, 2B
  • B. Williams, RF
  • A. Phillips, 1B
  • M. Cabrera, LF
  • A. Amezaga, 2B
  • H. Ramirez, SS
  • M. Jacobs, 1B
  • M. Cabrera, 3B
  • C. Ross, LF
  • J. Hermida, RF
  • J. Willingham, DH
  • M. Olivo, C
  • R. Abercrombie, CF

It's good to see Giradi back. The Crystal Ball sees:

A good weekend series for the Yanks. I know it's the Marlins and that's not an earth shattering prediction, but I only use the CB when it reveals itself to me.
Torre said earlier today that Dotel should be sidelined only about ten days.