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Nice win

The Yanks seem to have the ability to rebound after horrible performances and string some nice wins together. As bad as they played against Washington, they pulled it together against the Phillies. With
the pitching, A-Rod's slump and injuries, it's pretty amazing the Yanks are 10 games over. They are showing the character that I sometimes forget they have.

Jeter is having an MVP type season.

Wright is a five inning multi-million dollar pitcher. He did OK yesterday, but I don't understand why he gets tired after 75 pitches.

Proctor threw the ball like he did earlier in the year.

Farnsworth hit triple digits with his fastball and resembled a pitcher that deserved the money bags thrown at him.

Dotel has a trip to Dr. Andrews. That's not usually a very good thing.

Cairo looked like he did when he first joined the Yanks in '03. A perfect role player.

I think we'll see Villone more from now on.

Boston is picking up pitchers off the scrap heap as fast as they can.

Jim Kaat was pretty honest last night when his basic point was that the Yanks threw a ton of money out the window for pitchers that are terrible.