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Farnswoth comes back after another atrocious performance last night to get the win over the Birds 6-5. He might have registered the save if Cairo makes a play with the bases loaded and one out in the eighth, but he  booted a sure out at the plate that allowed Baltimore to tie the game at five. Kyle came back to get Herandez on a fly to end the inning. He closed the game out quickly in the ninth to get his second win.

The Yanks won the game on a two out steal by Damon followed by a clutch single by Jeter. Johnny would have been out, but Roberts dropped the ball after the tag to give Derek the chance to be a hero once again.

Farnsworth teases the fans once again by showing us what he's capable of doing. Will Guidry be able to do what several other pitching coaches have been unable to do so far? That might be the question of the season.