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Jack Ass

I've just been watching some Mike and the Mad Dog on YES, and I have to say Russo can be a jackass. The Yanks took three out of four from Detroit with many of our players practically on crutches and he gleefully says last night's loss was catastrophic.  We needed Farnsworth to pick up Rivera, but he couldn't do it. The guy has to throw strikes. Walks are always the killer. I wasn't in love with his signing, but how much did anyone like Gordon?

He either gets better or Procter and maybe Dotel (big if) takes his spot even with the money the Yanks are shelling out for him. We all know about the pitching problems. To say the trip to Detroit was a failure because Kyle sucked is ridiculous. I like Mike most of the time, but he sat there and nodded his head like a bobble head doll.

Kevin Thompson joined the Yankees on Thursday, taking Sheffield's spot on the roster after the outfielder was placed on the DL.

The Yanks will go out and get another outfielder.