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Yanks lose another one on the road

Some quick thought:
Randy Johnson looked very good tonight, but still ends up a loser. There was a weird dynamic going on between him and Posada. Could anyone tell what it was exactly? I know it had to do with signs and balls and strikes and maybe they were getting a little pissed at each other. Jeter had to come over on the mound and and subtly stop it. I wish I could have heard what was being said, but they definitely weren't going out for beers afterward.

No big hits. They had plenty of runners on base, but couldn't produce. They left 16 men standing like statues. Philly made two outstanding plays, one at second int he sixth and one at short in the eighth to keep this game from being tied, but that just adds to the frustration. I doubt Posada's infield single that Rollins stabbed would have scored Giambi anyway.

A-Rod is coming around!

Tom Gordon always looked good in the regular season, but as soon as the playoffs arrive-he chokes. I doubt the Phillies will have to endure that this season.

Will Farnsworth ever be able to throw strikes consistently? For one game I want him to throw nothing but fastballs. He kicked a bucket of water around in the dugout after Posada botched a curve in the dirt that allowed the fourth run to score for the Phillies.

Luckily for the Yanks, they're still only two games out of first after the recent struggles.