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Wang's tough Loss

The Yanks needed a big performance out of Wang today and that's what they got. Too bad Chacon destroyed the bullpen yesterday with a pathetic job and giving up a 9-2 lead as quickly as he got it. I thought Torre did a terrible job managing the pen in yesterday's game also. Where was Villone? Joe refuses to use him in important situations and in this case-it left the Yanks with nobody to help the kid today. Normally he would have been pulled in the ninth, but Farnsworth's injury really changed the series for the Yanks.

A-Rod looks like he solved his problem with Mattingly's help. He should have had the game winning hit today and really drove the ball with power the last two days.

Gammons said on Baseball Tonight last week that he thought Wang would win twenty games this year. He's been terrific lately and with some help he'll definitely win fifteen.