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A-Rod and Jeter

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but Raissman's article raises a lot of questions.

Jeter said: "It happens to everyone, man. We won the game. Come out and play tomorrow. I was getting booed, Mo was getting booed at the beginning of the season. Everybody goes through it. You've got to work your way out of it. It's not like the first time somebody's been booed. It happened to Tino (Martinez) when he came here. It happens to everyone."

Those who found fault with Jeter's words reasoned this was further evidence of a fractious relationship between the two matinee idols. What entered what's left of my mind was the reaction Jeter got last season after lending support to Jason (The Giambalco) Giambi.

Jeter was trashed by some who described him as a transparent man travelling a predictable path - a Yankee who would defend any Yankee, even a cheater like Giambi.

So, on Tuesday night, when he did something perceived to be un-captain-like, Jeter gets hit again. When you've got kvetches coming at you from both sides, it's hard to win.

Michael Kay, on his Wednesday ESPN-1050 show, took Jeter to task for not coming to Rodriguez's defense. Kay said Jeter came off as "cold."

"He didn't stand up loud and proud for his teammate," Kay said. "Jeter's job as captain is to support his defend his teammates."

Kay devoted time to this particular issue, which indicated he felt it was important. But that evening, during Al Yankzeera's Indians-Yankees telecast, Kay did not put a spotlight on the Jeter "issue." Gee, what a surprise. Guess in the space of a couple of hours this Jeter thing became a non-issue.

Chris Russo once again plays the fool when he complains that Jeter is doing too many commercials. How does that matter in any sense? When Mike was out he was unbearable to listen to. I still doubt that Jeter is not speaking up because he's still mad at A-Rod. It might be possible if the whole team was together, but with all the injuries it seems unlikely to me. Michael Kay is another waste and listening to some of Kim Jones questions after the game is also unbearable. We are Yankee fans, not Yankee fools. We aren't swayed by sound bites better left to political campaigns.