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Four in a row

Another bad loss for the Yanks. The A's got a huge run when Swisher hit a shot in the gap and Damon and Cabrera collided, allowing Nick to round the bases. That was a play that should be Damon's all the way, but Melky's inexperience caused the collision. (These plays happen though)

With first and third and one out, Proctor stabs a ball hit back to the mound. He bobbles it, but still had plenty of time to get the runner at the plate if he had looked instead of panicking. He was lucky to force the runner at second.

Farnsworth looked good. Dan Johnson hit a 97 mph high and outside fastball for the winning run. It was good hitting on Dan's part becasue that pitch was a ball, but it sure feels like he bleeds these games away.

Chacon was about what I expected. Out by the sixth inning which kills the pen.

Matt Smith looks good. I think we'll see him more often.

A-Rod is in another tailspin. Today could have been the day he turned around the fans. We're still waiting.

Big Papi wins another game for Boston with a bottom of the ninth three run bomb.