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Come on Joe

Jeter isn't ready yet. Why DH him?

Joe gave away the third game against Boston by not pitching Johnson-not playing Phillips-DH'ing Posada and playing Stinnett. They had a day off from the rain out the Yanks play Stinnett instead of Phillips. Give me a break.

I think A-Rod is still not over being sick, but he's got to do something soon or he'll be chased to his car like Ed Whitson was.

The Yanks left 14 guys on base today.

They lost this game in the seventh. Two on and no outs. Bernie has a 3-0 count, then a strike-and then he bounces weakly to first moving the runners over. Damon bounces to the pitcher which doesn't score anybody. Jeter strikes out. The game was over right there.