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Defense has been a Key so far

That's right, defense has helped us get off to this good start. Last year if anyone watched the 11-19 Bombers, one of the most frustrating aspects of the game that they failed at so miserably was defense.

What would have happened if Bubba or Sheffield came up with that liner in the playoffs against the Angels? That's why Cashman gobbled up Damon as fast as he could. Here's a quick take on what I've seen so far.

Johnny Damon has been brilliant. He covers a lot of ground and gets to balls that last year would have been doubles and triples. His arm will not hurt us in any meaningful way.

"Rod" Cano shook off his terrible fielding out West  (my friend dubbed him, "a butcher") and has been making some incredible plays while showing off a strong throwing arm. He turns the double as smooth as anyone at this point. He's no gold glover yet, but at twenty three, he should make steady improvements the next few years.

Jeter and A-Rod are as solid a left side combo as there is. Both might win gold gloves this year.

Matsui seems to have found his rhythm out in left once again. Last year, he looked like a circus clown out in sun valley, kicking and dropping balls all over the place. He's been very steady so far and maybe Damon is the difference.

Sheffield is Sheffield. He does get to some balls and has a good arm, but it always seems like he makes it a much more difficult play than it has to be. He holds his own, but just barely.

Bubba is turning into a great late inning replacement and bench player. He has speed and seems to make a big catch whenever he's in a game.

Posada has risen from last year's mediocrity that I had figured signaled his demise in pinstripes. His bat has come alive again and possibly has fueled his play behind the plate.

Giambi and Phillips are the weak links so far. Of our twelve errors, the first basemen have committed four. That's why Carlos Pena will be up here as soon as he's ready. If Phillips showed a little more at the plate, I think the Yanks would be more patient with him.