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Mussina is making me believe!

If you had asked me how Mussina would pitch in the first month of the season, I would have said he'd be damn lucky to win two games. I know his spring was great,'s spring training. This is by far the best he has looked as a Yankee. His first season in pinstripes was very good too after he went 17-11 with a 3.15 era and 214 K's. Mike could have been a first time twenty game winner if he didn't lose some really close games, but I've never seen his control and pitch selection better.

He can't hit 93 mph on the radar gun anymore, but as Jamie Moyer and Tom Glavin prove, "you don't need no stinking speed" to win games. Mike Mussina will have his bad days as the season unfolds, but after watching him stifle the bats in Texas last night-you can count me in as a believer.