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Yanks win wild game 11-6 in extra innings

Melky is quickly turning into a player that you can bat anywhere in the lineup and he produces. I never expected him to be this good so far, but you can see his confidence grow from game to game. He's got twenty hits already.

If Farnsworth can ever get his control together he'll be dominate. He put the Yanks into trouble by walking two that allowed the game to be tied, but then came back to strike out the next two batters to ultimately save the game. Kyle could have easily folded. I know some of us are not happy with his performance, but I see a man that could grow into the job. Remember, he chose to come here.

Bernie has started slashing the ball again.

Andy Phillips drove in some big runs to ice the game.

Will the eleventh inning HR tonight finally brake Giambi out of his horrible slump?

Mariano Rivera was lights out, proving again that he is the greatest of all time. Twenty five pitches in three innings of work.

Jeter's injury is obviously bothering him and Damon must be struggling for him to sit.

They've shown me that they can survive if Sheffield has to go back on the DL.