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Rocket Houston

Roger Clemens has un-retired with the Astros to spend more time with his family. This ends all speculation and hope, on the part of some Yankee fans, that he would be back in Pinstripes to bolster an already depleted starting rotation.

When he is added to the [Astros] major league roster, he gets a one-year contract worth $22,000,022 -- his uniform number is 22. Because he won't be playing the full season, he gets only a prorated percentage of that, which would come to about $12.25 million if he rejoins Houston in late June.
A lot of people wanted it to happen, but I knew that Clemens, if he came back, would want to join Houston. I think all those rumblings about coming to the Yanks or how the Astros couldn't afford his asking price were all part of the bargaining process playing out in the media.
In Detroit, New York Yankees manager Joe Torre said Tuesday that it made sense for Clemens to return to Houston.

"I'm not at all surprised," he said. "I didn't think that him coming back here was ever going to happen. Houston's just such a perfect fit for him -- he lives there and Andy's on the team. That's why he came back before, and the circumstances haven't changed."
The Rocket returned without the pressure of really having to win, which he would have had to do in the AL East. In Houston he also gets to play with and oversee the development of his son. He rode out into the N.Y. sunset in the brand spanking new retirement car we gave him and he drove it all the way to Texas where he proved he still got it. Lot's of people were angered by that, but the thought of his potential return made a lot of that anger evaporate.

May he have a fantastic final year chasing the St. Louis Cardinals and earning a bundle of money to drive to the ballpark for a game every 5 days. Clemens is one of the greats and was great for us. We have to figure out what to do with our ancient pitching staff now that the Rocket has officially and permanently flown off.