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I Haven't Got Time For The Pain

Late last week I feared the worst: another aging Yankee going on the DL. It sounded worse than it actually was, a torn hamstring tendon. But Jorge Posada is now back in the Yankee lineup. How anyone, especailly a catcher, can tear ANYTHING and still play full out is amazing. Posada smacked a couple of hits and didn't look too bothered behind the plate or running the bases.

"It's just a matter of how long until the swelling is going to go down, and when is it going to go away," Posada said. "It's just really going to be about grinding it out."
He's playing with the discomfort, aggravating the injury every time he squats at the plate or sprints out of the box. Jorge has been a steady reliable presence behind the plate, but this incident makes me wonder who we have to fill his big shoes? Who can step up and be the dependable producer Posada's been for the last 10 years? It's not every day you find a switch hitting catcher with some chops behind the plate and a strong arm.