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Yanks escape with a 6-5 win

Even bad teams can make games interesting and that's what happened today. After building a 6-0 lead the Yanks held on for the win. In the post game interview, Torre said Rivera was going to pitch no matter what the score was because he needed the work. At 6-0 it shouldn't have been for a save.

The Yanks have to figure out how to call pitches for Farnsworth. He's throwing way too many curve balls at critical times and that's what he's getting beat with. He needs to keep pounding his fast balls in better spots and then occasionally throw his breaking stuff.

Proctor's arm is going to fall off soon.

Melky is doing a great job now after a slow start.  He definitely looks much better in left and shows a good throwing arm. Sooner or later he'll hit a ball past the warning track.

I guess anything the Yanks get from Jaret is a blessing. but he's a five inning pitcher now which is burning out our bullpen.