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Bad loss to the Royals 7-6

Jason Giambi grounded into a double play with the tying run on third and one out in the ninth. After a two hour rain delay the Yanks opened the bottom of the ninth down by two, 7-5. Terrance Long led off with a bloop single to center. Damon popped up, but Jeter walked. Sheffield then scorched a liner to center that went under the diving glove of the center fielder scoring Long-that put Jeter to third. The Royals then pulled an ineffective Peralta. Jason worked the count to 2-2 against lefty Andrew Sisco. On the next pitch he grounded it to second that slowly developed into a double play which handed the Yanks a horrible loss after a great road trip into Shea and Boston.

He looked like he barely ran down the line. Maybe the rain slowed him up, but at least make an effort. Jason has got to get that tying run home. He had a good game up until this at bat.

Torre pulled Mussina in the seventh for a reason I'm not aware of and Proctor quickly gave up a run. The goat is Kyle Farnsworth, who lost his control and the game in the eighth. After a single to Stairs, he couldn't locate his fastball, walked Graffanino and Berrora hit a three run home run for the game winner on a slider.

It drives me nuts when a reliever suddenly can't find the plate and gets beat with his second best pitch. Kyle has been up and down so far this year after he was brought in to replace Gordon (good riddance) and Ron Guidry has his work cut out with him. He should have kept throwing his fastball. Let's face it, Berrora isn't David Ortiz so he has to go down with his bread and butter. Take a deep breath and let it fly Mr. 96-100 mph guy.

This is the hardest part about running a sports blog. Even if your team wins 100 games, you still have to write about 62 losses.