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Mirabelli is an ASS

All the talk the other day was how Manny took about a half an hour to leave home plate as he admired his shot after he hit a home run against Scott Procter. Should the Yanks dust him? Will Randy Johnson's stock rise in the minds of Yankee fans if he knocks Many off the plate? What does Mirabelli say:

Mirabelli, a teammate of A-Rod's in Texas, was miffed that A-Rod didn't know he went deep. His comments indicated Mirabelli believed A-Rod was grandstanding, one of the few acts A-Rod hasn't been accused of by his legion of critics.--- "He told him he should know better than that," the source said. "He told Mirabelli that he wouldn't disrespect the game or show up Tim Wakefield. He told Mirabelli he should know better to say anything like that because they played together."

Everyone knows A-Rod lost the ball when he hit it. The guys on ESPN went on about how they never saw a player not know where the ball was after they hit a shot like A-Rod's.