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Rivera shuts up Fenway

From a comment by SP:

I was at the game, and man are Sox fans dumb- they were cheering for Mo to come in when Ortiz was up in the 8th with two on, because he's blown a couple saves against the Sox in the past.  Well, he showed them.
While he was stretching in the top of the 8th, Rivera stopped and posed for a picture for a fan with a camera phone who was sitting next to the bullpen. He's all class.

When will they learn. Rivera isn't perfect, but you do not beg to see him come in the game. The Ortiz at bat was the crucial one for Mo.

The Yanks needed this win big time. Sheffield looked pretty good swinging the bat. Jeter is the MVP so far for the Yanks. I didn't hear Joe's after game comments, but I was surprised that he took out Wright as early as he did. A-Rod's HR turned out to be the game winning hit.