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He's Back?

Anybody know a good faith healer? Apparently Gary Sheffield does. Last week he was unable to take more than ten swings off of a tee and now looks ready to play.

Gary Sheffield, who on Friday suffered what appeared to be a significant setback to his sprained left wrist, emerged yesterday to take batting practice, and he looked good, hitting a few homers. He subsequently told manager Joe Torre that he is ready to return to game action...

Sheffield...could play a rehabilitation game or two in the minor leagues beginning as soon as today or could come right back to the Yankees.
Sheffield's bat wagging frame in the batters box will be a sight for sore eyes since the Yanks have become like some Civil War field hospital. We need his bat back in the lineup and we need it badly. It will blunt the damage of Matsui's absence if Sheff stays relatively healthy. It'll also allow us to put Melky Cabrera back on the AAA shelf for a while. I hope upon hope Sheffield makes it for the rubber match against the Sox, but it's best not to rush into things. The last thing we need is to lose Sheffield for the season.