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Phillips and Rivera

Going into the ninth with a rag-tag team, the Yanks headed into the ninth down by four runs: ESPN:

B Wagner relieved D Sanchez.
J Giambi singled to center.
A Rodriguez walked, J Giambi to second.
R Cano singled to center, J Giambi scored, A Rodriguez to second.
M Cairo flied out to center.
M Cabrera walked, A Rodriguez to third, R Cano to second. (great at bat for the rookie)
K Stinnett walked, A Rodriguez scored, R Cano to third, M Cabrera to second.
B Williams hit for R Villone and was hit by a pitch.
P Feliciano relieved B Wagner.
J Damon grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, M Cabrera scored, B Williams out at second, K Stinnett to third.

The Yanks tie it at 4-4 with only two hits. Proctor pitches a great ninth and continues his fine relief work after going two strong yesterday.

In the bottom of eleventh, Cairo opens with a walk, steals second and third and up comes Phillips with two outs. Andy Phillips, who hasn't shown anything at the plate so far this year and knows Carlos Pena is lurking in the minors gets the biggest hit of his short career by ripping a single to center, driving in Cairo and the go ahead run.

Rivera had already pitched the tenth, but "The Great One," strolled back out to try and close the deal:

Wright struck out swinging.
Floyd struck out swinging.
Nady struck out swinging.

Game over, the Yanks win. Theeeee Yankees Win! Rivera needed that game in the worst way.

I wonder if Met fans realize how good the Yanks do against Pedro. It's not that he pitches bad, but it always seems like his bullpen finds a way to blow it for him. Same story today. Do the Met fans have confidence in Wagner?