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Holy Cow!

Impossible, no. Improbable, yes. I was feeling a bit under the weather last night and saw the game was out of reach. No need to spend exta money on MLB.COM. I decided to curl up on my couch with a Benadryl and lemon tea and watch a movie until I fell asleep.

Little did I know what I was to miss: a comeback for the ages. My feeling is, whatever John says...believe the opposite. Last week he wrote about A-Rod's magnificent fielding. That game was A-Rod's worst defensively in a long time. He writed about how nervous he is about Posada in the 4 hole and Blam! He wins the game in the ninth.

This was the game I've been waiting to see out of the Yanks for damn near three years. The kind of game where they had no business winning, backs against the wall, their big bats' on the bench and nothing but blood, sweat, and a McGuyver-like determination. Posada picked himself off the dirt and three innings later knocked the Rangers on their collective butts. With no Matusi, no Giambi, no Sheffield, no pitching to speak of, a group of aging superstars and unknowns scraped and clawed their way to victory together. This is the team of the nineties. This is the team that can win championships. I hope they remember how good this victory felt and what it took to achieve it. And I hope I remember what a great game I missed. Damn you Benadryl!!!!!!!!!