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Abreu to replace Matsui?

I just heard on Mike and the Mad Dog, that Buster Olney said the Phillies want to dump him so bad they would only take a couple of minor leaguers that wouldn't include Phillip Hughes. Olney

Bobby Abreu, Phillies. General managers from other teams say Phillies GM Pat Gillick was extremely motivated in his effort to trade Abreu all winter -- mostly because of the $30 million still owed to Abreu for this year and for next year.--Interestingly, a deciding vote on Abreu may come from someone who knows Abreu well, someone who is regarded with great respect within the Yankees' organization: Third base coach and former Philly manager Larry Bowa.

Also, Sheffield might be hurt a lot more seriously than was first reported. If Sheff is down for a while then I definitely see the Yanks try and make a move. Who would you try to obtain?