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Yanks smack Angels in 10-1 win

I hope this isn't going to be the trend this year- score ten runs in one game, score ten runs in the next four, but at least we were treated to the way the Yanks are capable of playing day in and day out.

Posada looks like he might be back to the type of hitter he was previous to last year. That means a hot start, a big cooling off period and then a decent second half. We'll see, but today he smashed two hr's and drove in five rbi's. The bigger story was Mike Mussina. His control was outstanding as his off speed pitches darted from one side of the plate to the other which made his 89 mph fast ball extremely effective. He usually has one bad inning when the Yanks give him a big lead, but today he stayed focused.

After these first six unimpressive games- we need Moose as a solid number two starter-not a guy with a 4.50 era-and if he gives us that then I think we'll have a very effective year. Did I see Mariano Rivera actually make an appearance?

Here's the Boxscore