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Yanks vs Angels: Game 4-Open Thread

Starting lineups

  • Damon
  • Jeter
  • Sheffield
  • A-Rod
  • Giambi
  • Matsui
  • Posada
  • Cano
  • Williams
  • Figgins
  • Cabrera
  • Guerrero
  • Anderson
  • Rivera
  • Erstad
  • Kotchman
  • Molina
  • Kennedy
Chacon vs Escobar. Will the Yanks rebound after that horrid loss against the A's?


Sheffield grounds into a double play to end the threat after the Angels walked the bases loaded in the top of the seventh. Yanks trail 4-1. Outside of Damon and Jeter they look like zombies right now.

Yanks lose 4-1. Do we see a pattern already with this team? Score 15 runs one game, then score 8 runs in the next three. Great for individual stats-terrible for playoff wins.