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Doctor KO'd

Former Yankee pitcher, and Met great, Dwight Gooden chose jail time rather than probation after his arrest for cocaine posession in March.

"I have a problem with cocaine, sir," Gooden said before state Circuit Judge Daniel Perry. "I had a cocaine relapse."
Choosing probation meant that any violation meant a five year prison sentence. After his sentence Gooden will head back into treatment.In an out of rehab...and in and out of trouble. What a waste of talent. This man was my hero when he was "Doctor K" (Yes I liked the Mets in the 80's when I was a youth. Sue me).

He showed his brilliance once again in Pinstripes before finally succumbing to temptation. He's never been able to kick the habit for good, and may NEVER be able to do so. It's a damn shame.