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Will A-Rod ever be considered a Yankee?

I've been listening to a lot of sports radio today and the sentiment that has been repeated over and over again so early in the season is that A-Rod hits a ton of home runs when it doesn't matter and chokes in the clutch. I know we're all still fuming over the choke job to the Angels last year, but it hasn't only been him in the playoffs. Matsui and Sheffield have a lot to answer for too. Still, A-Rod only went 2-15 against LAA last year.

Boston is usually a good indicator of a player's "moxie" and A-Rod did hit six home runs and drove in eleven rbi's last year against them. I have to admit that I like A-Rod a lot, but I also get pissed when he leaves the winning run on second base in the ninth inning as he did last night. I know it'll only take only one big hit to turn the jeers into cheers, but that hit has to come in October. For A-Rod, that will be like an eternity because many NYer's will not embrace him until then. He doesn't have that charismatic flair that draws fans to him like Derek Jeter or Paul O'Neil were blessed with so he will be offered no slack by the fans. Do you think he'll ever drive in that run to win the big game? Do you think he'll ever be a true Yankee?