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Randy Worries Me!

The Yankee offense pummeled Toronto's Triple A like pitching by scoring a run in all eight innings they batted in a 17-6 win. I think the last time the Yanks did that was in 1939. I should be happy right? A bounce in my step, maybe a smile at my wife if I had one, but the story of the game was Randy Johnson. He had another poor effort that was eerily reminiscent of last year. Johnson walked the bases loaded in the fifth with two out and he threw more off speed pitches than I can remember.

We are probably going to lead the league in runs scored, but if Johnson doesn't get his act together, I'm thinking the Yanks may have to find a way to bring another top pitcher here. I doubt Pavano will ever be good enough to qualify. I pray that Wright will be traded and who knows what the Rocket has left if he decides to play in the Bronx.
There is no way we can advance in the playoffs if we have to depend on Randy as being our number one with performances like today's. I fear his days are numbered as a dominant pitcher unless he finds his mechanics or changes his approach to the game. He still throws in the low 90's and has that sweeping slider that can give batters fits, but somehow hitters are making him look he's hurling fungo practice out there.