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Steve Howe, former NL Rookie of the Year with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and reliever with the Yankees died at 5:55AM Friday morning in an auto accident in Coachella, CA. He was 48 year old.

His career like that of many players in the 80's took a turn for the worse as he went the route of drug and alcohol addiction. No news had been released as to whether drugs or alcohol played any part in his death.

In and out of trouble; On and off suspension; Howe's career was rocky at best. His talent was matched only by the amount of controversy that surrounded him. We close April with another loss to the Yankee family. He may not have played for too long, but I feel anyone who dons the Pinstripes becomes a part of Yankee history. We at Pinstripe Alley would like to offer our condolences to Steve Howe's family and friends.