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8 1/2 Minutes of Awesome

As you may know, I was a Mets and Yankees fan. My family loyalties were split and I lived in the Bronx, but I could see Shea Stadium from my window. I was 10 when they won the Series against the Sox in '86. Even if you are a die hard Met hater, which sorry to say I am not, you enjoyed Boston's hopes and dreams dashed by the Big Apple yet again.

You may not know, I'm a big fan of viral video and this one is making the rounds. It's a re-enactment of the final inning of GAME 6 using the actual Vin Scully announcement and video of RBI baseball for nintendo, a game I wore the hell out as a kid.

It's pretty accurate in its presentation and a blast to watch. Nostalgia on top of nostalgia. Someone had A LOT of time on their hands.