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Get Ready For a Bumpy Ride

Yanks lose 4 - 2

Chien Ming Wang pitched damn well tonight. For me, the jury is still out on his consistency this season. I'll feel a lot better if he can string three or four starts like this in a row. I liked that Rivera was brought in to keep the score tied at two after an impressive inning by Farnsworth, but leaving him in for that extra work only to lose in the 10th was, I felt, a poor decision.

What really bothered me, is the 32 men left on base. 32. How is it we can score 17 one night, and then can't scratch out a dink here or there to pick up a win the next night. Sheesh. If they want to go further in the playoffs, ney MAKE it to the playoffs they'd better get their act together.

To look on the bright side, as I was telling John, the Bombers are in a better place then they were last year. Randy is looking good. The pitching staff is healthy(ier), and the line-up is much stronger. I'm feeling positive. I know John's a little jittery, but I will quote jscape2000's tagline:

"Have faith in the Yankees my son. Think of the great Dimaggio"