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Yanks vs D-Rays: Game 19-Open Thread

Chien-Ming Wang (1-1, 5.48) vs Seth McClung (1-3, 10.90)

  • J. Damon, DH
  • D. Jeter, SS
  • G. Sheffield, RF
  • A. Rodriguez, 3B
  • J. Giambi, 1B
  • H. Matsui, LF
  • J. Posada, C
  • R. Cano, 2B
  • B. Crosby, CF
  • C. Crawford, LF
  • T. Perez, SS
  • J. Gomes, DH
  • T. Wigginton, 3B
  • T. Lee, 1B
  • D. Hollins, RF
  • J. Paul, C
  • J. Gathright, CF
  • N. Green, 2B

Even without Cantu in the lineup for the D-Rays, we still need to make Tampa Bay pay for their past sins. Ok, they just beat the crap out of us last year. Wang needs to pitch better with men on base so let us see how "Gator" is working with the kid.