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Bullpen of Fear

I agree with much of what's in this article. Gordon was great during the regular season, but come playoff time he folded like a___( put in your own word) Farnsworth looks shaky so far, but there wasn't much left to choose from when Flash bolted. Kyle could prove to be the major test for Gator, and show us if he's got game as the new pitching coach.

JOE Torre trusts Kyle Farnsworth so much that he has stated repeatedly that the $18-million investment will share the eighth inning with Tanyon Sturtze, owner of the worst career ERA (5.19) among active pitchers with at least 750 innings.

Yankee fans have such trust in both guys that the most frequent question on my e-mail is when is Octavio Dotel due to arrive?

Most of us can't wait to see Sturtze released so Joe is showing no confidence in Farnsworth at this point. We're very lucky to have two lefty relievers that aren't named Alan Embree.