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Bad Loss

I hope Ron Guidry has some words of wisdom for Chien-Ming Wang. I know he's young and I really like his make-up, (not Chanel # 5), but as a fan it's frustrating to see him unravel when he puts a few guys on base. He throws a heavy ball that moves, but as A-Rod says:

  "It's frustrating [to watch the inconsistency], because you know how devastating he could be," Rodriguez said. "And you're talking to opposing players when you get to third base, and they kind of marvel at how good his stuff is.

A-Rod didn't have to strike out in the ninth inning either. Matsui was walked after watching the replay, but do you think he could have swung at maybe one pitch? This year is already shaping up to be a carbon copy of last year. However, the AL is such a good league now that I can't see many teams winning over 90 games. Will the Yanks be one of those teams?