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Yanks vs Orioles: Game 15-Open Thread

Wang vs Anna Benson.

Starting Lineups:

  • J Damon CF
  • D Jeter SS
  • G Sheffield RF
  • A Rodriguez 3B
  • J Giambi DH
  • H Matsui LF
  • J Posada C
  • R Cano 2B
  • A Phillips 1B
  • B Roberts 2B
  • N Markakis LF
  • M Mora 3B
  • M Tejada SS
  • J Gibbons RF
  • R Hernandez C
  • J Lopez DH
  • K Millar 1B
  • C Patterson CF

Yanks lead 1-0 going into the bottom of the second.
Baltimore takes a 3-1 lead going into the bottom of the fourth.
Cano just smacked a two run HR to tie the score after four, 3-3.
Baltimore takes a 6-4-lead scoring three runs in the top of the sixth. Johhny Damon left the bases loaded in the bottom of the sixth with a weak grounder to second.