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Talk of the Town

Watching the excitement surrounding the N.Y. Mets recently, I thought that this poll suprised me. In a new Quinnipiac Poll:

Fifty-two percent of respondents said they are fans of the 26-time World Series-champion Yankees, while 38 percent identified themselves as Mets fans, according to the poll released today by the Hamden, Connecticut, school.

I figured the Mets' gaining ground but it apparently stood that way for a while as the spread nearly matched that of the Subway Series. Support usually waxes and wanes in a two team city but this has been constant, even through the 80's .

Here's a baffling number:
Women prefer the Yankees to the Mets by a margin of 52 to 30 percent, while men root for the Mets over the Yankees 43 to 41 percent, the poll found.

Of course I try to take polls with a grain of salt with them being "snapshots" and all, but I wonder how different they were when Mike Piazza was still with them?