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The Skinny on Sturtze

There have been many posts griping about the underwhelming Tanyon Sturtze, the Yanks long suffering reliever. I can't remember a time when he didn't pitch for crap and this year is no better. Now, normally I would be quick to defend him because he's on my fantasy team but this year he's looking lousy already. Suffice it to say he was picked dead last and only done so for the mopup innings he provides.Sturtze was on the road to getting rocked yesterday when Torre came to the mound, and surprisingly let him continue.

So what did Torre say? "That's between me and Joe. Ask Joe," Sturtze replied.

Said Torre, "I'm not telling you. If he wants to give it to you, OK. But I have a lot of confidence in him."

Catcher Kelly Stinnett revealed that Torre basically told Sturtze, "Bear down and get these next three guys." Presumably, the language was more colorful.
Heck yeah it was colorful. Are the Yanks that bereft of pitching that they have to keep this guy around? Is our farm system that tapped out? Is Tanyon on the road to discovering his inner Dizzy Dean? Sturtze's lifetime ERA is 5.18 and has never dipped below 4.70. Torre is a patient man, but this is too much. There's something keeping him on the roster and if anyone can tell me, please let me know.