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The Boss Speaks...again

Well, that didn't take long. George Steinbrenner loose his concerns in an accidental phone conversation with Joe Torre.

Torre, however, described it as a "nice conversation," stressing that the relationship between the manager and the owner remains significantly better than it was last year.
"He started saying something, and I said, 'Uh-oh, don't give me that tone of voice,' kiddingly," Torre said before a 10-1 win over the Angels lifted the Yankees' mark to 2-4. "The conversation was fine, only lasted a minute and a half."
Same old, same old. Once the winning starts back up, the Boss will clam up. When a losing streak kicks in Steinbrenner will tear the walls down. His age and health prevents him from being the terror he once was. Even though he's more subdued, he'll be looming somewhere in Tampa