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Yanks vs Royals: Game 7-Open Thread

Opening Day in the Bronx!

  • J Damon CF
  • D Jeter SS
  • G Sheffield RF
  • A Rodriguez 3B
  • J Giambi 1B
  • H Matsui LF
  • J Posada C
  • R Cano 2B
  • B Williams DH
  • S Costa CF
  • M Grudzielanek 2B
  • M Sweeney DH
  • R Sanders RF
  • D Mientkiewicz 1B
  • E Brown LF
  • M Teahen 3B
  • A Berroa SS
  • J Buck C

The pitching match-up is Wang vs Mays.

Yanks grab the early lead as Giambi hits a three run HR in the bottom of the first.


Yanks come from behind and win on Jeter's three run HR in the bottom of the eighth, 9-7. Bernie got a big hit in the eighth to drive in a run and make up for being doubled off second with the bases loaded in the sixth on a bloop by Sheffield to end a major threat. Wang's pitches began to stay up and he got lit up again in the fourth for his second bad outing in a row. Dump Sturtze now!

Here's the BOXSCORE
Anyone notice John Flaherty interview Jeter after the game? He looked good in his fancy suit and shiny tie.