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Yanks beat Blue Jays

I just watched a little preseason today on the YES Network and although it doesn't vaguely remind anyone of major league baseball, I took four things out of it.

  1. Robinson Cano's stroke looks great after he rapped a home run and roped a single off the wall.
  2. J. Brent Cox closed out the game. He has a nice curve and a little freaky delivery. His velocity wasn't that great, (89mph) but he has the feel of a good relief pitcher.
  3. Ron Villone looks like the lefty reliever we haven't had in the bullpen for quite some time.
  4. Andy Phillips continues to attack the ball after getting another two hits and three rbi's. He might be the guy to reward Brian Cashman's patience in allowing our minor league talent to shine in the pros. A good veteran defensive first baseman to back up Giambi would have been an easy player to pickup in the off season.