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It's underway-Game 1: I'm dreaming already

I know it's only the first spring training game, guys can barely walk let alone run to first base, but Johnny Damon's early 2-3 is an omen of things to come from him. Shawn Chacon pitched two scoreless innings, Aaron Small pitched two scoreless innings and Andy Phillips went 2-2 with a home run. They lost 6-3, but I'm stoked.

I like Phillips and his bat. He hit 48 hr's in two minor league seasons and the Yanks are finally giving some of their prospects a shot at the bigs. He's the type of player that spring training can really help. If he has a hot March, he'll force the Yanks to go to him early and if he drives the ball, he'll force them to keep him in the lineup. Like I said it's only game one, but I'm dreaming already.