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2006 Team Preview: New York Yankees, Pitchers

Dan Scotto of Beyond the Boxscore writes an in depth analysis of the Yankees complete pitching staff:

These are adapted from postseason comments I wrote about Yankee pitchers, so there's more of a retrospective look than a predictive one. But there's an outlook for everyone re: 2006.

   1. Randy Johnson - Johnson caught an unprecendented case of what many deem gopheritis in 2005, surrendering 32 in 225.7 innings after giving up just 18 in '04 (at the homer-friendly BOB). The declining strikeout rate was unexpected but not really impossibly so (Johnson WAS 41), but no one could have expected those homers. There's still a chance for a bounceback season from Johnson; we heard all about many different injuries that could have been hampering him and maybe that'll make a difference. The better guess, though, is that the Yankees will be highly disappointed with their $32 million on