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Damon vs the Red Sox

Johnny Damon will get his first taste of the greatest rivalry in Sports history as a Yankee come Wednesday.  This time he will be the whipping boy of the Red Sox Nation. The man who did the unthinkable. The man who left the "Green Monster" for the "House that Ruth built," another Yankee fleece job. Make no mistake about it, the Yanks fleeced Boston for Damon. Anyone who saw the press conference in Beantown with the Red Sox management sitting in their chairs-dazed and confused-barely able to talk-knows they never expected Johnny to bolt to the Bronx.

He's clean-shaven now, not one of the "idiots," but one of Jeter's "class acts." Still a little cocky, but more like a model citizen in George's clubhouse. I'm sure tickets for this preseason game will be as expensive as a nice gold watch and the fans will be screaming with excitement, almost as much as they would when it counted. They'll play in front of the Yankee faithful this time so he won't get the full treatment, but wait until he steps out in front of the people that begged for Grady Little's scalp because he trusted Pedro with the ball a little too long. I can't wait to see that-maybe more than the game itself.